The Day An Earth Angel Crossed My Path

On January 6, 2015, I found myself in an underground parking garage in full tachycardia fearing that I was going to die. A woman came out of an elevator, saw I was in distress, and asked if I needed help. I told her I was scared and needed to get to the ER, but didn’t want an ambulance. She sat me down, rubbed my back and had me take deep, even breaths in and out. She walked me through a meditation and helped slow my heart down enough so that I could get into my car and head to the ER. She and her assistant followed me to the hospital to make sure I got there okay. We exchanged email addresses and phone numbers that day. We kept in touch for awhile after that episode. I sent her a thank you card and gift, and she would often send me emails asking, “How are you feeling?”  

I found the Post-It note with her email and number on my desk today at work and thought, “I need to email her. We haven’t spoken in so long.” Something inside me had me Google her name first. And this is what I found: Lucinda Schiff – who was this magical person who just appeared in my life when I needed her – has passed away. She died in late December. I knew she wasn’t well, but still being a stranger, I didn’t want to pry into her personal life. After many emails asking me, “How are you feeling?” she finally told me about her health situation. It was then that I realized I should have been asking the same question of her all along. She was such a bright light, I never thought anything would happen to her. Now after reading about her, I see that she was a magical angel to everyone she crossed paths with.

Her husband notes,

“Lucinda’s legacy is her children and all those who have had even a moment with her.”

The latter couldn’t be more true in my case. One single moment and she permanently stamped herself on my heart (literally).


This is the face of the angel who saved my life that day last January. I’m so grateful she walked through those elevator doors that morning and I was able to meet her in my lifetime. Thank you, Lucinda. I said it a million times, but I’m forever grateful to you and will never forget your selfless generosity.


We can all learn something from Lucinda’s random act of kindness. Taking one minute out of your day to help a stranger can leave an impression on their life forever.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to her. I’m sorry both for your loss, and for the loss of her spirit in our world.

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