Zen and the Art of Pool Maintenance

I haven’t stepped foot in my new swimming pool yet.  The water has been too cold, and the weather not much warmer.  But every morning I have found simple joy in walking to my pool, splashing my hands around in the crystal clear water and skimming off all that has fallen on to its surface overnight.

Water is calming by nature.  Like a fire, sometimes just staring into it can rest your soul.  For 20 minutes each day I skim the surface and troll the bottom – making sure to get every last piece of leaf and twig and bug that has fallen inside.  The movement of the water as the net runs through it is soothing to me.  So each day this has become my ritual.  I look forward to it.

Even testing the levels of chlorine and ph every day has become a calming process to me.  Making sure that my water is balanced, in an odd way has kept me balanced, too. It must be the nurturing that keeps us grounded.

Though I’ve always appreciated having our big backyard for the dogs to explore, I’ve never really enjoyed our yard until now.  It has become my sanctuary.  The new garden, too, has drawn me outdoors each day.  I touch the Earth, where before I simply walked over it.  My hands are now a part of it and I feel the connection.

The fascination I have with giant vegetables growing from tiny seeds gives me a sense of awe and accomplishment every time I pick something.  And APPRECIATION.  I appreciate my food more than I ever have now.  Once you see what goes into growing a single vegetable – and you follow it from tiny bud to a full-grown edible – something changes inside you.  I thank the Earth each time I pull something from it.  And I savor each bite of it in sheer gratitude to Mother Nature.

It’s amazing what a simple pool and a few plants have done to transform me.  I look forward to tending both today.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann says:

    LOvely, simple and profound :0) XXOO A

  2. Tracey says:

    Wow…such an inspiring post. I felt more relaxed after just reading about your backyard. Perhaps I’ll go interact with mine a little bit. Thank you for sharing the feeling.

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