Should Dove Pull Their Ads From Marie Claire?

When I went to Marie Claire’s page today to look for the email address of the editor-in-chief, a full-page Dove ad washed down over the screen. More specifically, a “Dove Movement for Self-Esteem” ad. I wonder how Dove felt today when Maura Kelly told women who are over 95 pounds that being “obese” makes them ugly. Makes them undesirable. Makes them unkissable and unlovable and equivalent to a “a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair”?

It’s unacceptable to me that a women’s magazine who SHOULD be embracing ALL of its readers, allowed this crap to be posted.  I know both Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy (the actors who play Mike & Molly). Both are funny, sweet, charming, lovely people. I haven’t heard what either of them thought about this blog. But I can only imagine that it hurt. It’s one thing to say that obesity is unhealthy. But to say that it grosses you out to think of fat people kissing is a completely different ballgame.

And a note to you, Ms. Kelly: as a recovering anorexic I’d think that you’d be a little more tolerant of someone with a weight issue. And see the FLIP SIDE of their problem. You think it’s easy to lose weight because you have trained your brain to turn off to food when you’re stressed or not feeling good about yourself or striving for that perfectionism that perhaps your mother made you feel you never achieved. But if you had an ounce of compassion in your “bones” (pun intended), I would think that you would see the struggle that obese people go through and maybe have a little empathy.

Your apology was empty, Maura. I only hope that Dove feels the same way and pulls their ads from Marie Claire.

READER QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Should Dove pull their ads? Or should they view Maura Kelly’s opinion as her right to free speech?  Chime in now!


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