Stoppppp Puttinggggg Extraneoussss Lettersssss Attttt Theeeee Endddddd Offfffff Wordsssssss, Kidzzzzzzzz!

What’s up with this new trend the kids are into?  If you’re on Facebook and you have any “Friends” under 20, you have probably seen it:

Heyyyyyy Gurrrrrrrlllllll!  Wannnnnnaaaa comeeeee overrr tonighttttt?

The grammarian in me twitches and itches every time I read one of these.  Like reading personalized license plates, I find my mind automatically trying to decipher WHY a word needs the extra emphasis.  Because “back in my day” adding extra letters was used to really STRESSSSSSSS something you were talking about.  Like:

Soooooooooooooo???  Did you sleep with him?????


Whaaaaaaaattttttt?!?!?  Are you SERIOUS?

(Note, the capitalization of letters is also a dandy way to create emphasis).  But this new, willy-nilly way of just tacking extra letters on at the end of words that require no extra oomph at all  just makes me uncomfortable.  I think that social networking – and things like Tweeting and texting, in general – are creating a whole generation of kids who take shortcuts and don’t use proper punctuation.  I envision them applying for jobs with cover letters reading:


U looking 4 some1 4 a jobbbbb?  I would be Gr8 4 it!


Perhaps the world is just spinning in a new direction and the old rules of grammar no longer apply.  Teachers like Miss McCormick who drilled subjects and predicates into me and MADE me learn how to write essays and use footnotes, may not exist anymore.  And if they do, are the kids even listening to them?

Whatttttt doooooo youuuuuu thinkkkkkk?!?!?


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  1. Gina says:

    Oh, Lisa, you’ve made me laugh again! The idea of a resume with texting jargon on it!! Then again, when these kids get to be adults, they’ll probably ACCEPT resumes with text jargon on them! Scary stuff, indeed!

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