Crossing The Line From Young To Old

When do we go from young to old?  Is there a set age?  A line we cross?  Is it as simple as moving from the kids’ table to the grown-ups’ table at Thanksgiving?  Or is it more complicated than that?  What determines old age in a person?

I started thinking about this when I read a headline for a Yahoo article titled:  Young Hollywood Turns Out for Teen Choice.  Pictured were two “young” actresses, and Kim Kardashian.

I thought to myself, “Kim Kardashian isn’t young!”  Like Lindsay Lohan, she seems sort of worn out.  Like she’s seen her day.  For goodness sake, she’s had a sex tape!  To lump her in with the squeaky clean Disney images of girls like Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato seems a bit of a stretch.

According to Wikipedia, Kim Kardashian was born in October 1980 which makes her 29, soon to be 30.  (She was born four months after I graduated from high school.  Which makes me REALLY old!).   She’s also already been married and divorced (2000-2004), which takes her down another few notches in the “young” category.

In my head I still feel like I’m 24.  Sometimes I feel like I’m 12.  And in the morning when I’m trying to get out of bed, I feel more like I’m 87.

So when do you go from young to old?   Or can we all fluctuate between the two in any given moment of any given day?


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  1. Cappy says:

    How do I follow you on your blog, my girl on the go, friend?

  2. Gina says:

    I think young is a state of mind. If we remain open to the possibilities of life, like we used to be as kids, then we remain young. Keeping reality in mind, but still saying, what if I did THIS…? And exercising and eating healthy helps keep our bodies from aging too quickly, too (we can be old before our time). Being flexible like the reed and not rigid like a tree helps tremendously!

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