Across The Universe

Just saw ACROSS THE UNIVERSE yesterday for the first time. Boy, was that a wake-up call!  It made me realize that I have completely lost my creativity!  Where did it go?!?  I used to be SO full of ideas!  Somehow I ended up behind a desk at an office and haven’t had a stitch of creativity since.

Note to self:  GET CREATIVE!  Start writing!  Start designing!  Start painting!  Start CREATING!  We can’t let ourselves get stagnant in life.  Accepting the status quo has never been my M.O.  And I can’t go there now.

So thank you, Julie Taymor, for lighting my fire.  I may not create a masterpiece like ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, but I can certainly try!


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  1. Gina says:

    Lisa, I LOVE this!! It’s so awesome when something or someone reminds you who you are, because in this world of being grown-ups, we so often forget. Here’s to creativity in its myriad forms–huzzah!!! I support ya!!!

  2. agirlonthego says:

    Thanks, Gina! Coming from you – a creative soul – it means a lot! And you’re right, we often forget to be creative! Maybe I’ll go out and buy a coloring book and crayons. Or a sketch pad. Or something. LOL. Maybe some potato chips will start me thinking!!!

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